Friday, April 29, 2011


Finally I am back sketching, the trip to Switzerland was not a sketching trip but it was nice to get back to my sketchbook. Meeting Uzma was really special. 

Apologies for being away from the blog!

The udder side of Switzerland

I was expecting to see a lot of cows here. Went mad trying to draw a cow, I think the black patches helped a little.


Yes uzma has a lot of weight! Wish I had got the face right but sketrching is difficult after a long break.

The best place in Uzmas apartment

Kirchgasse Aarau

Wrong Uzma

Sketching Uzma is difficult, atleast at the moment!

waking up at Uzmas apartment

Aarou House structure


Finally I managed to sketch Uzma

Aarau Houses

Pretty street Aarau

Sleeping Teddy

Thankfully this range is not in India, nahi toh isko bhi sleeping teddy darshan sthal ke naam seejana jata.

Aarau tower


Radioactive Uzma

Uzma lives close to a Atomic power plant, which she calls atom Bomb.

>Freiburg Scwabentor

Augustinerplatz Freiburg

Martinstor Freiburg

Gunda kid Freiburg

Freiburg Münster

Freiburg cityscape


Schlappen Freiburg


Feldburg hike