Friday, January 20, 2012

Honey Valley Coorg

The Trip down south ended with Coorg. The oly reference I had of Coorg was through Devika . It was really nice at the Honey Valley estate. I guess I will be organising a sketching trip here. The small hikes around the Honey Valley were really interesting.

Kerela, fort kochin, panchakanam,parier

This was my first ever trip to Kerala, although I have been down south many times but somehow never managed to get here. Meeting Thomas and his family was special. The time spent with Avira at Panchkanam will remain one of the best memories of Kerela. " Burn the Santa" in Fort Kochin was the most Bizzare thing that I have ever come across. The food was awsome and the people were wonderful. Thank you Anu, Thomas and Avira.

Blooming Bay, Verkala, Kerala

Blooming Bay was fantastic, juts the way Thomas had described it. Singing sessions, laziness, sketching and also getting two nights free for the sketches I amde for Corin...thank you Corin and Shami.

Verkala, Kereala

Morbi blues

Visiting Hemen is always special. Managed to sketch his office in the basement...a dream workspace. Great company , good food and the most amazing conversation pieces! Thank you Hememn for being what you are.


Yet another trip to Hingolgadh, it was nice to go back and have our usual slow and casual sketching sessions. A memorable trip of course!Dhrupad was a discovery!

Workshop at Mirzapur, UP

It was special to be called in for the workshop at Obeetee, I had a great time with the participants and it was very special to go back to UP and teach in Hindi. Thank you Ustad, Anu, Mandy, Seerat and especially Prateeksha!

Stopped by In Varanasi, I'm glad I did. I had come here as a boy scout when I was just 9 years old, somehow remembered some of the places. The aarti in the evenings viewed from the Ganges will remain as one of most mesmerising sights. Floating the candles in the river was as spiritual as it can get. I used to come quite close to Varanasi by train to drink Toddy.

MIT, Pune


The workshop over the weekend at MIT Pune was fun, although a bit low on attendence but I had a nice time teaching...including the eveing sessions at the dhaba. Thank you Lipi!


the lonely staircase