Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hungary and back

After being away from my sketchbook and sketching in general it was nice to get started again, although I struggled quite a bit to get back to feeling like myself.. The trip didn't start off well as I lost my Rotring isograph ( the pen I use for sketching ) on the first day, but slowly I managed to find my way. I hope you enjoy the sketches and the mood swings. I will try to be more regular with my posts...apologies to everyone who follows my blog for being away for so long !

Parliament, Budapest


I miss my rotring Isograph

Feel so stupid without my Rotring isograph....trying to fool around with ballpoint pen...yuk!

The chain bridge

Opera house, Budapest

Street Sculpture,

Hungry people

Thats my first association with Hungary, the name and I remember all of us (kids) made jokes about a country being called hungry...this sketch came out of sheer boredom...peoplewatching !

Pretty old ladies

These women sell their embroidered pieces on the streets and at tourist hotspots...they were really nice and friendly reminded me of the old women I teach in Kutchh.

Fairy tale wall

Parliament building seen from teh Castle

bridges of Budapest


Anotehr beer at the students pub

Soviner shop

The old market

The skateboarders of Budapest

The previous Jewish quarters of Budapest

This quarter had a big population of Jews before the war, now it has the best cafes and hangouts...I spent some time exploring the old buildings and drinking here.

Amrita Sher-gil visited

Visited the house where Amrita Sher-gil was born. There's not much to see except a lonely tablet which says that she was born in that house...I decided to spend some time in the park in front of the house .


Goodbye Lenin

The only thing I have ever liked about the communists is their sense of aesthetics and graphic design, After the fall of the iron curtain someone decided to put these ghosts(sculptures) from the communist past of Hungary and call it the momento park.

Thermal bath

 Hungary is known for its thermal baths and Spa's.There are some really nice old structures. This one I visited twice as it had a lot of charm. Of course its a great place for people watching.

the yellow trams

The ghost of saturday night

lake Balaton