Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The long weekend at Bad Malente

The drive to the beach

The day at the beach

The first couple

The second couple

beach girl

beach boys


After lunch hours

Whats for lunch today?

Fish Spa


big man Peter

Lazy morning

Joachim reloaded

OH Lord give us this day our daily bread!

All for a healthy reason!

beach, bench & laziness

Various positions, "struggling with foreshortening"

A hug from the back

The sun, straw hat & lazing around

deiksee blues

Monday, June 2, 2014

Cycling trip to the island called Usedom in the Eastern sea

Went on a rea cyce trip after a long gap. 200 plus Kms, a lot of
sketching and fun.

Lassan, the very first stopover

Campsite Ostseeblick

Lunch break

Pier in Bansin

Adler Vineta

After the gruelling cycle ride through teh woods in Poland, 
we decided to take the very touristy ship back to Bansin.

Coffee break at Korswandt

Tante Wally

Dinner at Tante Wally, a sweet little restaurant in Neppermin

The big Sailing ship, Neppermin

Schloss Stolpe

The route that we ended up taking.

We were spontanious with our decisions, thats how we ended up on  a campsite in Poland.

The old man and the sea

On the last stopover, met this really intersting old man at the harbour, he ferries bicycles across on his old boat.