Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

a larger canvas

Acrylic on canvas. 90X70 cms....nice to change the scale!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's exhibition time again!

Everywhereman- between order and chaos"
This is my first solo exhibition here in Germany, it started on the 23rd of Spetember and its gonna be on till the 5th of February 2013.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Just got back after two weeks of camping  in Italy. I really had to get back to sketching like the good old days and I literally had to force myself to get into it. In retrospect, I think I managed to find bits of myself.


Its time to force myself to sketch!

Verona, Casa di Giulietta

This house is supposed to be where Juliet lived...its quiet a silly place, the walls outside is disgusting with all the love notes and the chewing gums stuck on the wall....I didn't see the statue of Juliet which apparently has A shiny left breast because people keep touching it...it brings good luck it seems!


Forcing myself to sketch and getting into it.


Some red wine and some meat...

Preci seen from teh campsite

The village Preci looks really nice from the campsite...I was hoping to to go there and sketch soon...campsite was killing me a little.


I decided to go down to this village and sketch, since I was really getting bored and screwed in th head at the campsite. I loved the first site of these narrow lanes and the steps leading to different levels.



View from the monastry

Swimming pool at the campsite and foreign bodies!

Il Collacio

The narrow lanes didn't leave any scope of finding a nice view to sketch so I had to find a spot away from the town....tatti kiya hai!

Castluccio people

What a pity I couldn't sketch this village from a distance. It was a stunning view, perched on a hill with the big mountain ( Mount Sibilini) ranges surrounding it...


Corone, my minute of fame

There was not much to do or sketch at the campsite at Preci so I started going down to this village called Corone. I guess they don't get any tourists there. Someone spotted me sketching there and the next thing I knew was that half the town wanted their houses to be sketched, luckily I was carrying some blank postcard size papers. I got free food, wine, coffee and despite my protest some money was stuffed in my shirt pocket.It feels nice to know that some houses in this tiny obscure village will have my sketches hanging on their walls.

Lago di Pilato

The hike was challenging, 6 hours under the hot sun but in the end it was all worth it...the lake was a pretty place to be and I liked the light hearted Italian hikers whom we met along the way.

Campsite Il Falcone

View of Civitella from campsite

Civitella del Lago

Civitella del Lago people

Vetican, date with the pope

Rome, Spanish steps

Rome, Piazza del Popolo

Rome, Collosium

Rome visited


Orvieto, a town between Florence and Rome...its got a peacock looking church too.

How to italy

Fooling around a little bit with my impressions of Italy.


One of the prittiest twon I visited, we got a flat tyre on the way, reached there pretty laten' I didn't have much time to sketch, happy that I managed this one.

Assisi, priest

Cicetella del Lago, trying to draw some details

I don't think much of this sketch but it was nice to be called in to visit Henricos studio while sketching it.

Orvieto church

The elaborate/ornate church at Orvieto, the only way to draw it without making it look like a peacock was to distort the perspective and get these nicer buildings in the compostion.

Civetella del Lago

The narrow street of Civetella del Lago where the only bar in town existed!

Italy in Italics

The exaggerated body language of the italians is fascinating, it was nice to study it.