Friday, October 31, 2008

All the beautiful people


Nityan said...

Allen, there are so many lovely drawings to look at. If you come by Delhi, then might we see you for a coffee??

Lisa Reed said...

They are truly beautiful! This is my first glance at your blog and I am wowed!

theolddrifter said...

I will be India for the next two months but mostly Gujarat, if I manage to get to delhi I wud love to meet over coffee and sketchbooks!

Fingers said...

When will you be in Ahmedabad?

theolddrifter said...

will be in Abad in the beginning of the second semester, taking DD2.

Archana Prasad said...

allllennnnn!!! when where how do i get in touch with you!! I didnt realise that you might be here in the motherland.

guess what - i just got through my first german class!! yep learning the language I am.

write, call me. :)

btw your work remains a constant inspiration to me :)