Sunday, January 11, 2009



Arch at Rang said...

Very nice work.

Found you through Megha's blog.


RupalChauhan said...

Hi Allen,
bumped into your idea how..but great work...spent whole afternoon the other day traveling thro your your work.
will u pls write the sketch size/format to help me visualise even better...cant help it - my COPD- cranky old paranoid designer quality..:-)
I am in netherlands...drop in when in this part of the world.

theolddrifter said...

hi there good to hear from you! Do send in your contact details.

The Mindless Wanderer said...

hey it still boggles me the way u manage to capture the feel of the moment without have=ing to write anything.. ur amazing allen!!

RupalChauhan said...

I see that you are in Germany. For how long will you be there?
Pls send me an email on
Need to talk about 3-4 months work in China if you are interested.
Pls let me know.